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credativ is an independent consulting and services company, offering comprehensive services and technical support for the implementation and operation of open source software in business applications since 1999.

We are committed to promoting open source software through using, supporting and developing it and have a long history of contributing to free software projects such as Debian GNU / Linux, OpenOffice.org, KDE desktop, Nagios, Asterisk, VirtualBox, PostgreSQL as well as many other well known projects. Our employees are among the leading Linux specialists in Europe, and enjoy high international recognition.

Through our Open Source Support Centres in Germany, the Netherlands, North America and India, we offer international premium support options for a variety of open source projects which play a vital role and often have strategic importance in the IT structures of many companies. 

Business to Business Software Solutions

At credativ, we are passionate about helping businesses to exploit the benefits of open source software. Our clients benefit from the flexibility and cost savings associated with opting for an open source solution. Backed by a large international team of experts in free software, including consultants, project managers and business analysts, we support clients in all sectors and across many different environments. The diversity of our people and their capabilities allow us to implement, develop, and support an extensive range of technologies; whatever your business infrastructure needs, credativ is able to provide comprehensive support and services at the highest technical level.

credativ is one of the most comprehensive service providers in the industry - whether you need assistance in global migrations, administration of servers or help making smaller changes, we can handle it all. We support all major projects and Linux distributions and offer a full range of services including consultancy, technical advice, qualified training and personalised support.

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